Friday 11 January 2008

Return of the Rain

Well, its raining again today - came back from a quick walk around the shops (and purchase of some cough syrup) looking like I had been for a swim in my jacket!

Although its not quite so cold, it seems to be a lot more like an average English January now.

Wednesday was David's funeral - it was a very nice ceremony, and a real testament to the hard work that Ness, David (Junior) and Julia put in getting prepared that everything went so well. David (Senior) would be very proud I am sure, and I am certainly very proud of Ness, she was so concerned that things wouldn't go well and everything was perfect on the day. Thankfully, even the weather held out for us with hazy sunshine lasting until the early evening by which time we were all back indoors.

In better news, I have received my new employment contract at work for my promotion to ICT Infrastructure Manager which can be no bad thing - another step on the path to my goals.

Geeky technical news: got the UPS service working on the server at home (kept meaning to look at this since I put it in last October but never seemed to remember when I was at a keyboard), and I have found everything I need to set Ness's laptop up to work wirelessly and run Linux instead of Windows so she should be able to do her thing anywhere in the house.

At work, Tobie has finally got some useful support from our Firewall suppliers on how to get us up and running again, and today we have finally got at least one site working perfectly - lets just hope the other follow suit.

Well, thats all I can think of right now so back to the grindstone for me.

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